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The fifth World Internet news conference

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Terry Gou: Foxconn fog cerebellar boost new manufacturing"

Source: 138479.xyz -IT channel (2018-11-13 15:08)

138479.xyz Beijing 11 13 Xinhua (reporter Liu Yang Intern Zhang Huanhuan) last week, under the curtain of the five World Conference of the Internet to fall in Zhejiang in Wuzhen, during the conference, Foxconn Group founder Mr. Terry Gou accepted an interview with 138479.xyz site in Wuzhen, he talked about the intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, and introduces the new concept "Foxconn brings the fog of cerebellum". about this past year manufacturing industry and the Internet which further fusion... [detail]

Perfect world CEO Xiao Wang: World Governance + Internet boost digital entertainment

Source: 138479.xyz - game channel (2018-11-13 15:07)

Bring the perfect world, I believe that many game player are not unfamiliar, from the "perfect world", "Zhu Xian", "swordsman" and other client games, to "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", "", "The legend of Condor Hero dream" mobile game, perfect world holding group to create a series of IP games. The group covers film, cinema, games, animation, literature, media, education and other business segments. In the days before the held the fifth session of the World Conference of the internet... [detail]

Industrial Internet security needs to be overweight

Source: Economic Information Daily (2018-11-13 08:31)

Co sponsored by the national Internet information office and the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government in the five World Internet Conference on 7 August 11 - 9 in Zhejiang held in Wuzhen. As an important part of the conference, the third "Internet" light fair in 6 on the morning of the opening. Focusing on the theme of "digital world of mutual trust governance -- to build cyberspace community of destiny", the World Expo focused Internet trends and cutting-edge technology, highlighting the people... [detail]

The problem of network security complex and challenging traditional means of converting the response

Source: Economic Information Daily (2018-11-13 08:30)

Figure 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi speech at the fifth session of the World Conference of the internet. Photo just shortly after the end of the fifth session of the World Conference on the Internet, the industry pointed out that the problem of network security has become increasingly severe, the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, adds great challenges to network security. At present, the network security is from "information security" has entered the era of "safe" era, the traditional classical style defense is difficult to work, and... [detail]

Unmanned vehicles on the road to cross the ridge

Source: 138479.xyz - People's daily (2018-11-13 08:27)

In recent years, smart cars become the strategic direction of development of the global automotive industry. A series of intelligent application of technology to boost the automatic driving technology is increasingly mature, however, the current unmanned auxiliary automatic driving a car to the real road is still not a small distance. The autopilot development also need to solve the problem? A day ago in Beijing, China Happy Innovation Center National Postdoctoral academic exchange activities, the experts shared their thoughts. Chinese artificial intelligence... [detail]

A lot of "Wuzhen mountain" interpretation of the world Internet Conference "high-frequency words"

Source: Xinhuanet.com (2018-11-13 08:27)

5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, digital economy, networking, network security...... The Internet "frequent hot words", to "shuttle" in the fifth World Internet Conference in various forums, both at home and abroad a lot of focus on Wuzhen, and discuss the future of the Internet world. AI: application of innovation also need risk management artificial intelligence is the strategic leading technology in the future, the important is a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution,... [detail]

The "smart 2.0" debut in Wuzhen

Source: Chinese network (2018-11-13 08:26)

In November 7th, with the fifth World Conference of the Internet the curtain opened, Wuzhen has become the focus of the world. The annual World Congress as the highlight of the Internet, the internet light Expo gathered once again become the attention of all walks of life, global science and technology field of cutting-edge technology leader. The data of founder and chairman Wu Minghui delivered a keynote speech in the release of innovation. The data founder and chairman Wu Minghui, at the Wuzhen World Conference of the Internet Internet "light"... [detail]

Austria technology unveiled the fifth World Internet Conference

Source: qianlong (2018-11-13 08:20)

Recently, the fifth World Conference of the Internet Internet "light" Expo held in Zhejiang of Wuzhen. The exposition on "digital world of mutual trust governance -- to build cyberspace community of destiny" as the theme, namely the establishment of the innovation and development of universal security, openness and tolerance, good life and common prosperity of the five sections and a total of nineteen sub forum, the world development trend of the Internet focus and cutting-edge technology. From the global 25 countries and regions 430 enterprises... [detail]

Wang Wurong: the power of public service more Tencent to achieve security of digital transformation

Source: Global network (2018-11-12 10:02)

11 month 8 days, the five World Conference of the Internet "Internet plus public service forum held in Zhejiang Wuzhen. The theme of this forum is efficiency, collaboration and innovation, Wang Wurong vice president of Tencent Inc to participate in the theme of "Roundtable dialogue digital transformation under the background of public service and innovation". According to the project of "digital Guangdong", Wang Wurong said, the Tencent Inc is deeply involved in the project, set up a joint venture with the government of Guangdong Province, but the Tencent is not data... [detail]

The advent of 5G, the world eager to embrace new technology era

Source: Guangming Daily (2018-11-10 09:06)

The fifth World Congress of the closing ceremony of the internet. Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi photo fifth World Internet Conference site. Xinhua News Agency at the fifth World Conference of the Internet, a China Telecom's 5G pilot signal car appeared in the streets of Wuzhen, the network 5G connection speed can reach staggering 1.7G per second. Such a high-speed network in people around, making the 5G into the current session of the General Assembly Hall of the audience... [detail]