The courier industry average salary reached 7169 yuan

In November 2018 09, 08:12 source: Beijing Morning News Network
Original title: National Express industry average salary reached 7169 yuan

Cut the long-awaited "double 11" in sight, fully equipped for the express little brother also ushered in a tense moment of the year "busy and happy". According to the double 11 big hot industry 58 city released data show that in October 2018, the average salary of courier enterprises nationwide reached 7169 yuan. During the double 11, supply and demand of courier market rose sharply, has become a hot industry at the end of the year. The salary change of express little brother, a China reflect the degree of commercial prosperity also appear in front of a map of the password.

With the advent of the double 11, consumer online shopping volume increased significantly, driven by the market demand for courier. According to the double 11 hot industry 58 city released big data, compared with October 2017, in October 2018 the national demand for courier grew 8.54%. TOP rankings in October this year, the courier business needs 15 list, ranking are Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen. First-tier cities become a courier needs the highest city, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other new first-tier cities followed.

From the salary, Shanghai 8200 yuan to become the highest paid city courier, to 8019 yuan in Hangzhou ranked second, Nanjing ranked third to 7911 yuan, the Beijing courier average salary is 7489 yuan, ranked fourth, more than the October 2018 national courier industry average salary of 7169 yuan.

A miniature courier salary and express the extent of demand is the demand of city electricity supplier. Data show that the Chengdu courier salary rose 15.66%, salary is the fastest growing city. Guiyang courier expected salary increase quickly. The courier business growth, Foshan courier demand is also showing a blowout situation, and service enterprises express city traffic appeared an increase of nearly 30%. (reporter Han Yuanjia)

(Xiao Yang Yu, easy commissioning editor: Poirot)

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