5G tariff has not yet been design people still need to rational expectations

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11 month 2018 years 09 days from 08:13: Science Daily
Original title: 5G tariff to scientific design people still need to rational expectations

The three major domestic telecom operators around 5G dagankuaishang action more and more intensive, but recently caused all the good news than a few cents per GB 5G traffic charges also have considerable potential "information of a high degree of concern.

For telecom operators, 5G means that the scientific reconstruction of subversive, and the tariff is they will transform self achievements to the visual performance of consumers.

However, any current of 5G telecom tariff with certainty forecasts are not from official channels, people still need to rational expectations.

Tariff issues need to look at science

In fact, so far, China's three major telecom operators have never released any information about 5G tariff.

In view of the current message circulated on the Internet: "specific traffic charges may be 10GB to take off, rather than per 1GB charges. Each 10GB is expected to charge, is about 10 dollars, even lower. Such calculations, 5G traffic charges a few cents per GB also have a higher possibility of."

China Telecom is a clear reply to the science and Technology Daily reporter, this message is not complete or not really.

Communications industry expert Bai Song explained: "the industry wide recognition of this point of view, 5G will not only serve the" people ", and it will be all the industries involved, more will subvert the past business model, therefore, according to the different uses of the network using a variety of forms of fees will be the basic principles."

However, whether ordinary consumers or various types of business entities, of course, hope that more and more low tariff.

Bai Song said: "this is a commercial society to buy and sell the common sense, but the development of telecom tariff compared to other commodities, is a very complex thing. Compared to the past, 5G pricing more scientific attitude and method, telecom operators need to tariff issues to public science, in order to avoid false information spread, avoid the public have unrealistic expectations."

Although there is no clear standard tariff on 5G, but the China Telecom deputy general manager Gao Tongqing said, according to the 5G traffic charges of ordinary users is still in the study, 5G flow rates will certainly not let users can not afford.

The value of the operation is easy to say

Chinese Communication Association vice chairman Zhang Xinsheng said in 2017 the development of 5G is emphasized, although 5G develops very fast, but it is not easy, the industry must recognize its specific goal. For telecom operators, if not the scientific planning of the business mode of 5G, King status will be seriously challenged in the 5G era.

Just as the famous communications industry experts Ning Yu raised questions: "4G to promote the development of mobile Internet, when the operators and equipment manufacturers in the construction of the network, but found that customers and money into the pockets of the Internet Co, the upcoming 5G era will not be a continuation of this plane?"

The reality is that although 5G means that the new market opportunities, however many telecom operators are not optimistic about the staff. In their view, 3G, 4G investment has not come back, and now in 5G, and another round of drop fee, already allow telecom operators business growth to drive enterprises to improve efficiency, 5G can not see if things go on like this, the future growth opportunities and space.

Ning Yu Technology Daily reporter said: "in order to obtain a positive driving force of 5G operators, the most important thing is to find the business value of 5G, especially the path of growth and liquidity, in order to allow the industry development with 5G."

Once, the traditional telecom operators do not need too much innovation in the realization of network capacity, voice, SMS, traffic, railway, communication and network are basically simple package, with the corresponding tariff packages or, on the formation of the telecom operators are the main means of competition and.

Ning Yu said: "business ideas in the era of the 5G must be adjusted. The more close to the way the customer will be packaged integrated communications capabilities, marketing in the specific scene and experience, is an important means of the future value of operation. The game has accelerated the directional flow package is a typical case." (reporter Liu Yan)

(Xiao Yang Yu, easy commissioning editor: Poirot)

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