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In December 2018 06, 08:12 source: People's daily

The development of artificial intelligence, means that we have to face a more colorful world, the world needs to uphold the law, rules and ethics, to ensure the safe, reliable and controllable artificial intelligence

Only 5 seconds, the robot of artificial intelligence, you can create a poem; 25 seconds will automatically write a news; "AI synthesis anchor" like a real news, and tireless...... With the application of artificial intelligence has broken through the imagination boundary, people began to worry: artificial intelligence will replace man?

Indeed, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, is the complex reality before us one by one "about": unmanned fatigue, road conditions and driving complex will be eased; a very complex automation device, the warehouse will be arranged in good order; after no restaurant, a meal, cooking, complex process room will be a key to complete; a household robot, people will get away from the tedious family affairs...... It was said that when we graduate, the goal is to find a job; but the emergence of artificial intelligence, the work itself may disappear.

In fact, every time the progress of science and technology history, will lead to similar problems, but the progress of human society the rhythm does not change. As the steam train, computers, program-controlled telephone technology and popularization, let the coachman, a typist and a telephone operator etc. occupation hidden into the historical background, the rapid development of artificial intelligence will also cause changes of occupation in the future, this is the progress of the times, but also of human progress. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "we need to properly resolve the informationization, automation and intelligent impact on traditional industries, creating new employment opportunities in the process of cultivating new industry." A recent report by the world economic forum showed that each take a job automation, will be two times to create new jobs; in 2022, new types of employment accounted for from the current 16% to 27%. The technology will create new business opportunities, and create new employment opportunities.

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that to establish and perfect the laws and regulations and ethics to ensure the healthy development of artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence, means that we have to face a more colorful world, the world needs to uphold the law, rules and ethics, to ensure the safe, reliable and controllable artificial intelligence. For example, the future of unmanned popularization, need to make corresponding adjustment of road traffic safety law; facing the "save one or save five" ethical problems, intelligent command system need to make moral setting; with big data collection, storage and analysis of information on individual users, commercial behavior needs to be strictly regulation, etc.. In short, in the development and application of artificial intelligence, need to grasp the human value oriented approach theory, considering the consciousness and emotion of people, avoid the security control, legal and ethical issues such as inaccurate arrhythmia.

In ethics, wisdom society should pay more attention to the subjectivity of "human", the construction of human-machine cooperation model man-machine relationship and human ethics. All things Internet world, everything seems to be calculated, into line, identification code, radio frequency technology and distributed network, the main object of the relationship and boundary alting. When the missing items can be independent call master, the window can perceive the storm itself off, the food in the kitchen with ID can be tracked, the refrigerator can be issued orders to renew the milk...... A person with each other embedded world, more need to advocate "people" of the main body position, to avoid the "warning philosopher of life and the life of the machine, the machine of artificial intelligence with human values in human services, services in the development of human society and economy.

The nineteen proposed "wisdom society" construction goal, it cannot do without an inclusive innovation, improve the system of supervision. In fairness, transparency, algorithm AI ethical, regulatory and liability issues, needs from the government to the enterprise, from the society to the attention and public discussion, improve the new technology development and application of transparency, minimizing the adverse effects on the social production. Artificial intelligence legislation and policy in the promotion of innovation at the same time, it is necessary to maintain a certain degree of flexibility, full attention to the rapid development of technology. In addition, it should carry out the relevant education popularization activities in the whole society, to avoid the "digital divide"; promote the ethics education and safety education, alert to the potential risks of abuse of technology.

More than half a century ago, imaginative science fiction writer has developed "three rules" for robot ethics, the first is "may not injure a human being". Today, the whole world is concerned about the development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is to jointly promote the benefit of mankind, let this "genie in a bottle" artificial intelligence to better serve the people, to create a better future "wisdom of society".

"People's Daily" (2018 years and 12 month 06, 09 Edition)

(Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)